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Endswell Face Tool.

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At Tooletries, our purpose is simple and pure: we exist to create stylish silicone grooming tools that help men feel good and look good. Our products are clever, easy to use and built to last.

Ultra Hygienic
The Back Scrubber

It’s long. It’s firm. And it satisfies. Our new exfoliating back scrubber is comfortable to hold, easy to use, and will exfoliate even the hardest to reach places.

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No need to hire a contractor or break out the calk gun—to install more bathroom storage just pick up some of these bad boys from Tooletries’ smart lineup of silicone fixtures.

If you’re looking for a better way to exfoliate, Tooletries’ ergonomic face scrubber makes giving your face an exhaustive once-over mercifully easy, thanks to gentle silicone bristles and an easy-to-handle design.

It's easy to forget the importance of proper skincare. But Tooletries antibacterial silicone puts the issue front and center thanks to a deep-cleanse exfoliating body scrubber.

TOOLETRIES' mission is to streamline your bathroom regime. Combining patented silicone technology with sophisticated interior design, the label creates practical storage systems and ergonomic grooming items that’ll make your life easier.

The Ultimate Shower Organizer and the star of the Tooletries collection, the Harvey & Oliver Set is designed to get you in and out of the shower as efficiently as possible.

100% Silicone.
300% Life-Changing.
The Body Scrubber

The Tooletries Difference

Built on brotherhood

Tooletries began five years ago with the belief that every bathroom should be a sanctuary. A place of calm and serenity. A place free from chaos and disorder. It was an ideal that was shared, initially, between two brothers, but has since grown to be shared amongst thousands across the globe. In other words, Tooletries is built on family and community. And, whilst we’ve grown, and a lot has changed, our passion for designing grooming essentials will never end.