The Scalp Massager
The Scalp Massager
The Scalp Massager
The Scalp Massager
The Scalp Massager
The Scalp Massager

The Scalp Massager

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What your scalp deserves

Our new Scalp Massager is designed with one thing in mind: stimulation. With its unique silicone bristles, it promotes a happy, healthy scalp by exfoliating sebum (oil glands on your scalp) and controlling flakiness, redistributing natural oils to strengthen hair, and boosting blood flow to encourage growth.

Use daily on dry or wet hair for a relaxing-yet-stimulating addition to your routine.

100% silicone construction, long lasting, hygienic with ergonomic handle and bespoke silicone bristles to clean deep into the roots.

How to use: 
Add your favorite shampoo directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet hair.

11 x10 x 5 cm
Perfect for all hair types, dry or wet. Add to your daily routine for the kind of relaxing-yet-stimulating experience your scalp will thank you for.

Exfoliates, Deep cleans hair
Promotes scalp health and boosts circulation
Strengthens hair
Boosts your mood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christian Plamenov
Does what it says

1 month in, no issues with the item. It does what it should and is durable and easy to clean. No hassles.

Matt Maloney

Recently invested in the scalp massager and cannot begin to recommend it enough. Love the versatility of a product that leaves your head feeling relaxed whilst really conditioning the scalp. Another success!!

Steven Kellingray-Williamson
Great tool for the shower

I have enjoyed using the scalp massager. The bristles although quite hard feel lovely on the scalp, you don’t have to use much pressure which is a bonus of the bristles being firm. Best used with conditioner and go round in circles, benefits using longer term is it does stimulate the hair follicles.

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